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Saturday 22 August 2009

Brussels Commission involves itself in Irish Lisbon referendum re-run:

Below for your information is the rebuff delivered yesterday by the European Commission on its Dublin web-site to the recently launched "Farmers for a No Vote" group in Ireland.

Whatever about the statements by the new farmers' group which the Commission criticises, the issue here is that the Brussels Commission is behaving as a political party and engaging directly in the Irish referendum campaign!

The Commission is using EU taxpayers' money, partly financed by Irish taxpayers, through the medium of its web-site to help support the Yes campaign in Ireland.

The excerpts from its web-site given below are clear proof of this.

The Commission is acting quite "ultra vires" here. It has absolutely no legal function in relation to the ratification of new European Treaties. It only acquires functions in relation to these Treaties once thay have been ratified and become part of European law. That is not - or at least not yet - the position with the Lisbon Treaty.

At the same time, the Commission is a highly self-interested party in relation to Lisbon. If ratified, Lisbon would give the Commission major new powers, including the monopoly of proposing EU laws in the 30 or so new policy areas that the Treaty would transfer from the EU Member States to the supranational EU institutions.

A civil service is not suppposed to engage in political activity. This is a direct confrontation by the Commission with the Irish Farmers for a No Vote, a campaigning body in Ireland's referendum re-run

The Commission's use of its web-site in this fashion is an interference with Ireland's referendum process and the right of Ireland to ratify or not ratify Lisbon "in accordance with its own constitutional requirements " and without interference from outside bodies such as this.

Mr Martin Territt and his fellow officers in the Commission Office in Molesworth Street, Dublin, should be restrained from this abuse by their superiors in Brussels.

The Commission as guardian of the existing Treaties, but not yet the guardian of the Lisbon Treaty - for it has not been ratified - has a legal duty under European law to respect the ratification rules set down by Irish electoral law and the Irish Supreme Court. It has the duty also to abide by EU law relating to the ratification of Treaties.

The Commission's 1.5 million "information campaign" in Ireland:

Apart from this latest direct involvement in an Irish referendum controversy, the Commission is currently spending some ¤1.5 million euros on a campaign of information in Ireland, ostensibly aimed at giving Irish people more information on the EU, but in fact seeking to influence their vote in the Lisbon referendum re-run on Friday 2 October.

It is doing this by means of massive bill-board advertising all across Ireland, cinema advertising that is directed especially at Irish women and young voters, the holding of meetings and seminars and the use of web-sites. This "information campaign", which is currently in full swing, is to go on into 2010, but its launch in Ireland in recent weeks is clearly geared to influencing the outcome of the Lisbon referendum in six weeks time.

Never before has the European Commission interfered so blatantly in an Irish referendum in an attempt to influence the result, and it looks as if this interference is only just beginning.

Legal mistakes by the Commission:

As regards points on the Commission's web-site below in response to the Farmers for a No Vote statement, the Commission is factually incorrect in what it says or implies about how Ireland's voting weight in making EU laws would be affected by the Lisbon Treaty.

The Commission, like Irish Foreign Minister Micheal Martin writing in last Wednesday's Irish Independent, seems to be under the mistaken impression that a "double majority" of number of Member States + a qualified majority of votes does not exist already for making EC/EU laws, when of course it does.

The statement that a double majority of Member States + Population size is new aims to disguise the big diminution of Ireland's voting weight in making EU laws which would occur with the Lisbon Treaty. For Lisbon would put EU law-making on a primarily population-size basis, just as in any unitary or federal State.

This would have the effect of greatly advantaging the four Big Member States at the expense of smaller EU States such as Ireland.

The Commission is also incorrect in suggesting that human rights matters such as inheritance rights would or could not be affected in a post-Lisbon European Union.

Once 500 million Europeans are made into real rather than just symbolical citizens of the constitutionally new European Union which Lisbon would establish, with their rights as set out in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights being made legally binding for EU citizens, ALL human rights issues would in principle come within the purview of the EU Court of Justice in the years and decades to come - for EU citizens.

If Lisbon is ratified, it is therefore perfectly conceivable that in some future court case on human rights issues the ECJ would be asked to lay down what are EU citizens' rights to inheritance, on the basis that such rights should be uniform for the 500 million EU citizens across the Union.

In these circumstances any lawyer worth his salt will be able to contend that, for example, the right to equality for EU citizens should be reflected in uniform fashion in inheritance and property laws across the post-Lisbon EU.

And if the EU Court of Justice should agree in some future court case, this could well impinge radically on different national laws and practice in this area.

The point is that the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty would give the 27 judges of the EU Court of Justice the power to decide such sensitive matters for the first time, as a consequence of the establishment of a real EU citizenship, entailing EU citizens' rights and duties vis-a-vis the constitutionally new post-Lisbon Union.


Anthony Coughlan


Statement by the European Commission on Ireland's "Farmers for a No Vote", issued on 21 August 2009

The statements of the Irish farm lobby group (Farmers for No) on the Lisbon Treaty and on EU policies, quoted in today's press, are factually incorrect and misleading. They represent a totally distorted picture of the reality.

The European Commission wishes make the following points.

* Claims that succession rights will be affected by EU proposals

There is no threat from the EU to farm succession rights. This is a matter that will continue to be governed by national rules and traditions. The issue of succession rights are not a European competence.

* Continued need for unanimous approval by EU Member States

The Lisbon Treaty brings no change. Trade agreements such as the Doha round of world trade talks will still need unanimous approval by EU Member States.

* Ireland's voting weight in the Council remains as strong as ever

This claim about a decrease in voting strength is untrue and shows a misunderstanding of the changes of the voting procedure in the Council of ministers under Lisbon. The new 'double voting' system is more logical and places countries like Ireland on a fairer footing with the larger Member States. It does not reduce Irish influence, but it makes qualified majority voting more transparent, as it is based on two clear elements: a 65% majority of the EU's population and a 55% majority of EU Member states. The second part of the new voting mechanism is one country, one vote, and giving Ireland one vote out of 27.

* On Turkish membership of the European Union

The Lisbon Treaty does not promote Turkey's application for EU membership in any way. The accession of any new country to the EU will continue to be subject to the approval by all Member State of the European Union, as it is the case today.

* On the drive to reduce bureaucracy with respect to farming

Thanks to recent reforms, the Common Agricultural Policy has become simpler and this is continuing. The goal to reduce the administrative burden in agriculture by 25% by 2012 is in on course.

As ever the press office of the European Commission Representation in Ireland is glad to provide information on any of these points.


Interestingly it seems that the people of Ireland just do not understand just howmuch and how mallign is the control of the EU of its vassal states.

Consider the size in terms of population, area and GDP of Ireland relative to that of Britain.

Then realise that for Britain the imposition of the New Constitution Lisbon Treaty whether by vote, all be it induced bullied and propagandised, or by steady implimentation by salami slicing as is happening now without democratic consideration - under the terms of The EU as it stands now and it will become more controlling Britain has little or no say in terms of legislation, taxation or management of its peoples.

Astonishingly in excess of 75% of all law enacted by the rump parliament at Westminster is merely rubber stamping of EU diktat and of course by law ALL other law MUST comply with EU law.

Thus in real terms 100% of all British law is a matter of EU control for which a large tranche of British tax payers' money is used in bribes for British politicians and snivil cervants willing to betray Britain and our peoples.

Astonishing as this may all seem to most people having received a diet of subsidised propaganda from the EU - The BBC currently is dependent on £141Million of soft loans and direct grant aid from the EU the condition of which is support of the EU.

Do view The EUropean Communities Act Section 2 Part II if you wish to check for yourself and you will find it states that it is 'the duty and responsibility of the minister concerned to enact into law, laws compliant with The EU either by Statutory Instrument or Order In Council' - perhaps you will now realise why British politicians are receiving endlessly longer holidays from the tedium of filling in expenses claims at Westminster and sampling the wines, restaurants and researchers!

During the summer recess of Parliament more law is enacted than at all times during the year when parliament sits as clerks and QUANGO parasites, advisers and others betraying Britain enact law for The EU.

Turn EVERY Election into a Referendum for Liberty, Sovereignty, Justice & Home Rule
Write on YOUR Ballot Paper in EVERY election:


What is the exit and survival plan for Ireland & the United Kingdoms to maximise on the many benefits of leaving The EU. It is the DUTY of our Politicians and Snivil Cervants to ensure the continuity, liberty and right to self determination of our peoples they have a DUTY to protect against crime and secure both our food and our borders.
NONE of these DUTIES has a single Irish or British politician upheld for 40 years. They have drawn their incomes fraudulently and dishonesty.

Politicians are failing to tell the truth, but so are almost all wanabe Politicians, the MSM and Snivil Cervants.

The fact is that even if EVERY Irish & British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.

Every single British & Irish Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU's CAP & CFP - In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING!

To try to put a value on OUR Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and as odious as the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our ancestors dreams, sacrifices and achievements, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives, consider the Country and Anglosphere which we leave our children and the future, with shame!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of Ireland or the United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country. Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the 'Mythical Mandate' for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made in our own Parliaments, for our Countries & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Papers:


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